In Sight Of Zikra

In Sight Zikra: In Sight Of Zikra tells the story of a short-staffed optical center that finds itself ill equipped to handle a series of patients going blind.


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Brandon C. Lay: Director

Writer/director Brandon C. Lay has been creating independent film out of the Lehigh Valley for thirteen years through his production company Living Proof Pictures. In the past five years alone Brandon has created three feature films, six shorts and a ten episode limited series called Price of Faerie Tales, which is currently in the final stages of Principal Photography. Brandon has garnered nominations for his writing and directing by the Top Indie Film Awards for his work on The Ground That Sinks and Binge Purge and won Best Direction for his 24 Hour Film Racing short film Make It Pink which also took home first place, Best Score (James Mason) and Best Supporting Actress (Syd Stauffer).


Brandon is also an accomplished cinematographer and editor, winning Best Editing for his work on Binge Purge, which is currently still on the festival circuit - most recently playing at the Columbia Film Festival in Maryland and the Art is Alive Film Festival in New York. The Bethlehem resident has dedicated his life to storytelling, making a name for himself as a filmmaker who focuses on writing and performances in character dramas usually showcasing central female leads. The films written and directed by Brandon have resulted in acting awards for three of his female cast members’ performances: Valynn Turkovich, Syd Stauffer and Kate Hughes, along with six other nominations in the past three years. 



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