Nomadic Overtures

Nomadic Overtures  Following visits to transitory landscapes, one compressed by erosion, another steeped in turmoil, a lone banyan tree spurs performance artist Marya to rethink rootedness. Filmed on location in Bonaire, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Utah, her poetic narrative tracks the journey into Marya’s future.

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Marya – Writer, Director

In graduate school at Vermont College Marya became intensely interested in theatre anthropology and the enactment of rituals. In the process she moved beyond painting into performance art. “Film became the perfect medium for fashioning my life into a work of art and seeking the sacred buried within the profane world.” She has been creating films in conjunction with annual multimedia installations at her downtown Easton Pennsylvania studio/alternative gallery, “The Museum of Ethnography,” since 1999. Often shot in exotic locations and laden with metaphoric references, the films entice viewers to become visual tourists, thereby enabling them to be drawn into the narrative of her journey through life. Joining her in this pursuit is her husband and collaborator George.

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