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Proposal: Chris is a recent college graduate who proposes to his "girlfriend", Heather, in the middle of dinner, but she's hesitant. Chris's best friend Dennis comes in to back him up, and it's a battle between the two sides to discover why she won't accept, while also uncovering shocking allegations from Heather.

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Brian McQuade: Director

Brian is a graduate from DeSales University with a BA in TV/Film. He's been telling stories ever since he was a little kid - mostly in the form of comics. It wasn't until his Middle School days that he discovered his love for film, and has been honing his craft since then. He's directed multiple shorts such as "The Book", "You're It", "Proposal", and "A Food for a Food". He is also one of the producers of the short film "Journey-Man". Brian loves to make people laugh and hopes to one day find a job in post-production or photography.



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