Doug Liman : Picking The Right Project

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Doug Liman is a New York based director and producer.  His recognition in the film industry propelled to enormous heights when he single handedly resuscitated the spy thriller genre with his film The Bourne Identity. He is the son of Ellen (née Fogelson), a painter and writer, and Arthur L. Liman, a lawyer well known for his public service, which included serving as chief counsel for the Senate Iran-Contra hearings.

It was Liman's indie film Swingers (written by Jon Favreau) that jump-started his career as well as the career's of it's cast members which included Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, and Patrick Van Horn. The dialogue-driven comedy was a sleeper hit and critical success. Made for $250,000 (US), Doug sold the film to Miramax for $5.5 million.

Also known for films such as Go, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jumper, Fair Game, a slew of television productions - including USA's top rated drama Suits and The O.C. - and most recently on the big screen Live. Die. Repeat. (aka Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt), Doug Liman is considered by many to be much more than an accomplished filmmaker but, one of Hollywood's elite filmmakers. This distinction hasn't befallen him by accident. To watch Doug in action is to witness a filmmaker with a fearlessness and a relentlessness to challenge his abilities and explore his curiosities about the art form. These attributes coupled with his talent for Picking The Right Project are the reason why millions of movie-goers eagerly anticipate a Doug Liman film and why he continues to be one of the film industry's biggest influences.

In this seminar, Mr. Liman will discuss one of his most coveted talents - his selection process for a new project. He will also share some of the experiences about his journey from his beginnings as an indie filmmaker to becoming one of the world's most influential filmmakers.


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