Super Sex

Super Sex What kind of birthday present do you give the dad (Ed Asner) who has everything? His kids (Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins) decide on a gift they never before imagined! This comedy short was adapted for the screen and directed by Matthew Modine. Efren Ramirez and Ruby Modine complete the stellar cast.

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Matthew Modine: Writer, Producer, Director

WHEN I WAS A BOY, SMOKING, ECCE PIRATE, I THINK I THOUGHT, TO KILL AN AMERICAN, JESUS WAS A COMMIE, are just some of the challenging, humorous, and controversial films written and directed by Matthew Modine, which have been honored at festivals throughout the world. Modine’s father was a drive-in movie theater manager and it was there Matthew developed a passion for acting and filmmaking. Over his professional career he’s worked with many of the industry’s most respected filmmakers. Parker, Kubrick, Altman, Demme, Pakula, Stone, Ferrara, Nolan, and more. “The privilege of having worked with these artists has been the best film and philosophy school in the world.” Matthew also starred in the Broadway revival of THE MIRACLE WORKER and the much celebrated role of Atticus Finch in TO KILL A MICKINGBIRD. He has co-produced a variety of award-winning projects including THE TRIAL, FULL METAL JACKET DIARY iPad app, PUNKY DUNK PROJECT children’s app, Bill Plympton’s CEATIN’, and the newly released political documentary, THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD, now available on iTunes.

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