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Congratulations to LIFELINE for winning Best In Show!

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Congratulations to The Voice Of Lafayette for winning Best From The Valley!

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Congratulations to Time Traveller for winning the Audience Award!

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Festival Date: Saturday, September 29th

Festival Location: The Simon Silk Mill (located at 1247 Simon Boulevard, Easton, PA 18042)

Festival Time: The festival opens at 6pm and ends at 11pm.

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Time Traveller: A 'Back To The Future' - obsessed traveller boy strives to finish building his own DeLorean replica before... (more...)

Proposal: Chris is a recent college graduate who proposes to his "girlfriend", Heather, in the middle of dinner, but she's hesitant... (more...)

Deep Dish Apocalypse: As a zombie-riddled Los Angeles erupts in chaos, two co-workers bump into each other beneath the city on an abandoned subway platform. One of them makes a confession, the other makes a move, and both try to escape alive.(more...)

Lifeline: She is a woman in despair who calls a suicide hotline, not for help but to say goodbye. (more...)

Emma Lee: Emma Lee starts her school day walking the whispering wall and listening to birds outside her house. She ventures into an imaginary world... (more...)

The Voice Of Lafayette: Follow Jim Finnen as he concludes his fifty-third and final year as Lafayette College’s athletic public-address announcer. (more...)

 Complacent No Longer: Outraged, Marya responds to the mean-spirited green-driven shift in national policies. (more..)


The Tree Salesman: A Christmas Tree Salesman has a difficult time convincing a harried mother to stop and smell the coffee. (more..)

Gastropologue: A snail tells a humorous anecdote about going on a journey of self-discovery after a tragic loss, only to find...(more..)

Koreatown: Kyeong is a young singer who moonlights as a doumi at the karaoke bars of Koreatown… (more…)

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