Tigers In The Soup

Tigers In The Soup Sabrina has little patience for her mother’s Boyfriend, Tommy. However, when she realizes that her father did not get her mother a birthday card, Sabrina finds thoughtfulness and love in Tommy’s self-made card. Now, she must decide if she will finally give her new family the opportunity to thrive.

Wiilliam D. Prystauk: Director

Prystauk is a multi-award winning screenwriter and filmmaker as well as a published poet and essayist. Tigers In The Soup was written many years ago but, was only recently produced by FIFA (Fade in, Fade Out), a Lehigh Valley film consortium created by Bill Hartin. When not making movies or writing novels, Prystauk co-hosts The Last Knock horror podcast on iTunes, and is an Assistant Professor of English at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He aims to shoot his first feature, 99% in 2016.

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