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Woodhaven  When a loved one is admitted into the hospital, It's expected that they will be treated with the utmost care. And on the surface, that's exactly what's happening at Woodhaven. But underneath the medical facility's facade all is not as it seems, as some patients will be pronounced dead only to wake up in a whole new type of hell.

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Dan Sullivan: Director

Dan Sullivan grew up in a small town called Maple Shade, NJ where he watched R-rated movies at much too young of an age. After high school, he enrolled in Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film & Animation where he honed his craft and met some of his closest friends and collaborators to this day. Upon graduation, Dan moved to Brooklyn, NY where he has lived for the past six years. Starting out as a production assistant on short films, he has worked his way up to first assistant director on independent features. When he’s not working as an assistant director, he’s writing his own screenplays and planning his next films.

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